Rahul Rahman, A Full Stack NodeJS and ReactJS Web/Software Engineer
Rahul Rahman
Software Engineer
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Hello, I am Rahul Rahman

A Full Stack NodeJS and ReactJS Web/Software Developer

Dhaka., Bangladesh

With over 7 years of thrilling adventures in the realm of software engineering, I've danced through the rhythms of Javascript, Node.js, MongoDB, and an array of other tech marvels. From the energetic startup scene to the organized chaos of corporate giants, I've honed my skills, building web and desktop wonders that defy expectations.

My journey has been a colorful tapestry of learning and growth, fueled by an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Each project, each team, each challenge has been a chapter in my saga of evolution, shaping me into a seasoned navigator of the digital seas.

With a sturdy foundation in computer science, I'm always ready to dive headfirst into new technologies, embracing them with the enthusiasm of a child in a candy store. Staying ahead of the curve is not just a goal but a way of life, as I eagerly devour the latest trends and techniques in the ever-changing tech landscape.

Beyond the lines of code, I bring a dash of creativity and a pinch of leadership to the mix. Whether orchestrating projects or jamming with diverse teams, I thrive in environments where ideas flow freely and innovation knows no bounds.

My ultimate quest? To not just ride the waves of change but to carve my own path, using my skills and passion to leave a positive mark on the world and cement my place as a leader in India's vibrant tech community.


Who is Rahul Rahman?

Rahul Rahman is a seasoned Software Engineer based in Bangladesh, specializing in MERN (MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, Node.js) development. With over six years of experience, Rahul has a proven track record of delivering high-quality software solutions across various industries. He is known for his expertise in Javascript, Typescript, ExpressJS, ReactJS, NextJS, Redux toolkit, MongoDB, Redis, Mysql, Postgresql, and more. Rahuls commitment to staying updated with the latest technology trends and his dedication to continuous learning make him a valuable asset to any team.

What are Rahul Rahmans core skills as a Software Engineer specializing in MERN development?

As a Software Engineer specializing in MERN (MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, Node.js) development based in Bangladesh, Rahul Rahman possesses expertise in Javascript, Typescript, ExpressJS, ReactJS, NextJS, Redux toolkit, MongoDB, Redis, Mysql, Postgresql, and more.

How does Rahul Rahman approach software development projects?

Rahul Rahman excels in gathering and documenting users requirements to ensure the software solution he develops aligns with their needs. He prioritizes staying abreast of the latest technology trends, continually learning new programming languages and frameworks, collaborating effectively with team members, and adhering to best practices in software development.

Which cloud platforms and third-party APIs has Rahul Rahman integrated into his projects?

Rahul Rahman has experience with various cloud platforms such as AWS (Ec2, IAM, SES, S3 Bucket), Digital Ocean Droplet, and Firebase functions. Additionally, he has integrated a range of third-party APIs including Google Maps, Distance Matrix API, Place API, Direction API, Mapbox, Open Street API, SSL E-commerce, AliPay, Stripe, Youtube data API, and Firebase Push Notification.

Could Rahul Rahman provide examples of his work experience and projects?

Rahul Rahman has served as a Senior Software Engineer at Ixora Solution, Invariant Telecom, and DoctorKoi Smart, and as a Software Developer at UY System Limited. Notable projects include: ShiftSmart: MERN stack development utilizing FeatherJS, React, Mobx, and MongoDB. Security and compliance software services (Secureframe): Full-stack development with Ruby on Rails, Ruby Graphql, React, and Typescript. Ecommerce Websites (Hemayo.com and Dhamaka Digital): Led teams and contributed as a Full-stack Developer using MERN stack technologies. Ride-Sharing App (Buddy) and Financial App (Wallet): Backend development employing Nodejs, Express, and Mongoose. Prescription Software (Doctorkoi Smart) and Hotel Booking and Travel App (Tripzip Tours): Full-stack development using Electron JS, ReactJS, FeatherJS, Mobx, Mobx State Tree, and Laravel. House Rent App (Rent U): React Native app and backend development using Nodejs, Express, and Mongoose. NRB Engine Backend with Cakephp: Full-stack development with Angular, CakePHP, and Mysql.

What is Rahul Rahmans educational background?

Rahul Rahman holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering from the International University of Business Agriculture and Technology and a Diploma in Engineering from Dhaka Polytechnic Institute. Additionally, he completed his Secondary School Certificate in Science from Mirpur Bangla High School.